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Bue Marino Caves


Bue Marino Cave is a sea cave where the karst system covers over 80 kilometers inland.
Its name derives from the appellative by which the shepherds called the monk seal "Su Oe e Mare", using the ravines of the cave for the weaning of its pups.

The cave is divided into three distinct branches. To the north and the south they can be visited on foot with a distance of half a mile, while the central arm is suitable for those who practice underwater speleology.
The early visits to the cave date back to the 50s by shepherds and fishermen who accompanied researchers or curious people in the north branch which can be accessed on foot after a walk of one hour starting from the Cala Fuili - Cala Luna path.
At that time and until the 80s, the Gulf was crowded with the most numerous seal colony in Italy and the cave has become very popular soon.
Also interesting from a historical point of view because of the presence of some petroglyphs dating back to pre-Nuragic period and traced back to the Culture of Ozieri representing the "Dance of the Sun" and the cult of fertility. The presence of fresh water inside the cave, leads to the assumption that it was a sacred place for the ancient inhabitants of these lands.
The presence of soft water and the meeting point with the sea one is clearly remarkable inside the cave. The different springs and water tables create spectacular reflexes even in the sea near the inlets of Bue Marino.

Guided tours of
Bue Marino Cave

The cave is open from April to November thanks to the pick-up service guaranteed by the guides who will accompany you through the ravines of the south branch of the cave. The path is artificially illuminated and extends along a large wooden walkway.
During the visit you will admire 4 spectacular environments: the room of candelabras, adorned with limestone formations reminiscent of chandeliers; the hall of mirrors, consisting of a large room decorated with the sparkling colours of the lakes, which reflect the rich embroidered alabaster walls creating a really impressive and fascinating effect; the room of the organs, characterized by spectacular rock castings looking like actual organ pipes. The last room is one of the beaches, a wide setting where a river of fresh water flows transporting and depositing sand during the flooding.

Tour Times

During low season Bue Marino Caves will be opening for visits guaranteed with a minimum of 10 people at 11:00am and 3:00pm.
For groups, visits at other times are available upon request by arrangement with the contractor Company.
Contact us for further information.

In case of unfavorable weather departures may be delayed and tickets will be refunded.

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Where is Cala Luna?

Cala Luna is in Sardinia, on the Central Eastern coast and it is reachable from Cala Gonone, a hamlet in the township of Dorgali in the province of Nuoro.

Can we reach it on foot and get back by boat?

Yes!It is one of the most commonly chosen options by the trekking lovers who want to enjoy the charm of the walk on the outward and return comfortably by boat to Cala Gonone.
Our company guarantees the the shuttle service by bus included in the price from the port to Cala Fuili beach, where excursionists park their cars in the morning.

Do I have to book the ferry?

Booking is appreciated and enables us to organize the best service to reach Cala Luna. The reservation is free and can be achieved by filling out the contact form. Alternatively you can go to this address and book online

Is the visit to the cave included in the ticket?

The ticket for the visit to the cave or the “combined trip” don't includes the admission to the south branch of Bue Marino Cave. It must be purchased separately at the ticket office of the municipality (present in the port). The tour lasts about 60 minutes and is comprehensive of a walk along a very easy path of about 800 meters where guides will provide assistance and interesting information about the halls that you are going to explore.

Where are we boarding?

The boarding to Cala Luna and Bue Marino Caves is scheduled from the central pier of Cala Gonone port.
The return from Cala Luna beach is achieved from the little jetty in the south of the beach while from the caves you will embark from the point where you have left at the beginning of the visit. (unless otherwise provided by the guides).


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